Where Is the Cruise Ship Galaxy Now?

By Robert Palmer

The Cruise Ship Galaxy was one of the largest vessels of its time. At 990 feet long, it was the world’s largest passenger ship when it was launched in 1984. The Galaxy was part of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and had a capacity for 2,400 passengers and 894 crew members.

The Galaxy offered its passengers a luxury experience unlike any other ship at the time. It had seven restaurants spread across four decks, including a formal dining room and a buffet area.

There were two swimming pools, five hot tubs, and a casino. There were also multiple bars and lounges, as well as an outdoor movie theater.

The Galaxy saw over two decades of service with Royal Caribbean before being retired in 2006. After that, it sailed to Egypt where it underwent a complete refurbishment in order to become an entertainment vessel for tourists on the Nile River.

In 2013, the Galaxy underwent another transformation when it was bought by Global Maritime Group LLC and renamed the SuperStar Libra. Under its new ownership, the Libra continued to offer cruises along the Nile River for tourists but also began offering trips around Southeast Asia. During these trips, passengers could enjoy multiple bars and restaurants as well as an outdoor pool and spa facilities.

Unfortunately, in 2019 the SuperStar Libra ran aground off the coast of Malaysia and sustained serious damage to its hull that rendered it unsalvageable. The vessel was later towed to Singapore where it is currently awaiting further inspection by authorities to determine if it can be salvaged or not.

Where Is The Cruise Ship Galaxy Now?
The Cruise Ship Galaxy is currently located in Singapore awaiting further inspection by authorities to determine if it can be salvaged or not.