Where Is the Cruise Ship Graveyard?

By Robert Palmer

Have you ever wondered where old, retired cruise ships go to die? The answer is the cruise ship graveyard. It is a little known destination for decommissioned, retired and wrecked cruise ships.

What Is the Cruise Ship Graveyard?
The cruise ship graveyard is an area of the ocean where old and decommissioned ships are sent to be sunk or scrapped. The ships are usually towed to the location and then scuttled in the ocean depths. The goal is to create artificial reefs with these sunken vessels, which can attract marine life, provide a habitat for sea creatures, and even be visited by divers.

Where Is the Cruise Ship Graveyard?
The exact location of the graveyard varies depending on a number of factors such as weather conditions, water depth and local regulations. However, it is generally accepted that the majority of these graveyards are located in waters off the coasts of Turkey, India and China. In some cases, vessels may be towed even further away such as to Australia or South Africa.

What Happens To Cruise Ships in the Graveyard?
Once they arrive at their final resting place in the graveyard, several things can happen to them. Some ships may simply be scuttled in place while others may be scrapped for spare parts or recycled materials. Others may even be sold off for use as floating hotels or homes.


The cruise ship graveyard is an oft-forgotten yet essential part of maritime culture. It’s a place where old ships go when they’ve outlived their usefulness and it’s also home to some fascinating artificial reefs created from these sunken vessels. While it may not always be easy to locate one of these graveyards due to factors like weather conditions and local regulations, they can still be found in areas like Turkey, India and China as well as further afield such as South Africa or Australia.