Where Is the Hotel That Looks Like a Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

The incredible Hotel that looks like a cruise ship is located in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is a unique hotel, which stands out from the other hotels in the city.

The hotel was designed by Dutch architect and designer Andre Kik. He created a building that looks like a huge cruise ship, with its white hull and red masts, and it really stands out in the cityscape.

The Hotel looks like it is actually sailing on water, with its curved lines and bright colors. It has four decks, each one offering something different for its guests. The main deck is where all the suites are located, with fantastic views over the canal and the city of Amsterdam.

On the second deck there are different types of rooms; from double rooms to family suites. The third deck offers an outdoor terrace with a swimming pool, lounge chairs and tables for guests to enjoy during their stay. The top deck includes a restaurant with breathtaking views over Amsterdam’s skyline.

This special hotel offers not only great accommodation but also luxurious amenities for its guests including high-end restaurants and bars, spa treatments as well as access to some of Amsterdam’s top attractions such as Anne Frank House or Van Gogh Museum.

The Hotel that looks like a Cruise Ship is certainly one of Amsterdam’s most unique sights and it is definitely worth visiting if you are ever in the area.


The amazing Hotel That Looks Like A Cruise Ship can be found in Amsterdam, Netherlands. With its impressive design and luxurious amenities, this hotel is definitely worth visiting if you are ever in the area.