Where Is the Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise Ship Now?

By Alice Nichols

The Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise Ship is one of the most iconic ships in the world. Launched in 1969, it has been a favorite amongst many celebrities, dignitaries and travelers alike.

The ship has seen its fair share of royal visits, including a visit by the late Princess Diana in 1994. It was also the first ship to be used as a Floating Hotel and is still used as such today.

The QE2 has had an interesting journey throughout its long life. In 2008, it was sold to Dubai-based company Istithmar World for $100 million and was renamed to “The Queen Elizabeth”.

It was then used as a luxury hotel until 2011 when it had to close due to declining profits. The ship then remained docked at Port Rashid in Dubai for four years.

In 2015, it was sold to new owners in China who planned on renovating it into a floating hotel and museum. Unfortunately, these plans were scrapped and the ship remains docked at Guangzhou’s Nansha district.

Today,the Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise Ship remains in Guangzhou, China where it is currently being refurbished. The aim of the refurbishment is to turn the ship into a luxury hotel that will be open to guests by 2021. It will feature six different restaurant options, several bars and lounges and luxurious cabins that can accommodate up to 1,000 passengers.

Conclusion: Where Is The Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise Ship Now? Currently, the ship is undergoing renovation at Guangzhou’s Nansha district in China with plans of becoming a luxury hotel by 2021. Once complete, it will be open for guests from all over the world looking for an unforgettable experience on one of the most iconic ships ever built.