Where Is the Rotterdam Cruise Ship Now?

By Anna Duncan

Rotterdam is a cruise ship operated by Holland America Line, a division of the Carnival Corporation & plc. The ship was launched in 1997, and has since been a popular choice for Caribbean and Mediterranean cruises. It features staterooms for up to 2,400 passengers, as well as various amenities such as multiple restaurants, bars, lounges, casino, spa, and swimming pools.

The Rotterdam is currently on its way to the Netherlands from a Mediterranean cruise that began in Barcelona on October 28th. The ship will make stops in several European cities including Rome, Naples, Venice and Amsterdam before arriving in Rotterdam on November 12th. During the voyage passengers will be able to explore the sights of these cities while also enjoying the on-board luxury of the Rotterdam.

Once it arrives in Rotterdam the ship will undergo several weeks of maintenance and repairs before beginning its next journey. Following this temporary stay in port it will sail off once again to explore different parts of Europe including Norway and the British Isles. After this voyage it is expected that the Rotterdam will head back to the Caribbean for winter cruises before returning to Europe in spring 2020.

For those interested in experiencing a unique vacation aboard one of Holland America Line’s most popular ships then a journey with the Rotterdam is sure to please. With its modern amenities and luxurious accommodations there’s something for everyone onboard this floating palace.


The Rotterdam Cruise Ship is currently sailing from Barcelona to its home port of Rotterdam where it will complete maintenance and repairs before setting off once again on new adventures around Europe. With its luxurious amenities and wide range of activities available onboard this prestigious vessel is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for all those lucky enough to sail with her!