Where Is the Volendam Cruise Ship Now?

By Anna Duncan

The Volendam cruise ship has been a popular choice for cruises since the early 2000s. The ship offers a range of amenities, facilities, and activities that make it a great option for anyone looking for a luxurious and exciting cruise experience. The ship also boasts an impressive size, with a capacity of 1,848 passengers and 800 crew members.

The Volendam is currently owned by Holland America Line and operates primarily in the Caribbean region. It is one of the most popular ships in their fleet due to its luxurious amenities, which include several restaurants and bars, multiple pools, an on-board spa and fitness center, a theater, and much more.

The Volendam provides guests with the opportunity to explore some of the world’s most beautiful destinations during their cruise. Itineraries typically include stops at places such as Jamaica, Mexico, and the Bahamas. During these stops passengers can enjoy activities like snorkeling, hiking excursions, and beach days.

In recent years the Volendam has undergone several upgrades to keep up with the changing trends in cruising. In 2015 it received a significant facelift with new features including updated cabins and suites as well as new dining options such as specialty restaurants.

The Volendam is currently sailing in Alaska for its summer season before heading down to Mexico for its fall season. After that it will be returning to the Caribbean for its winter season before heading back to Alaska once again in the springtime.

For those looking for an unforgettable experience aboard a luxury cruise liner then look no further than the Volendam Cruise Ship. With its impressive size combined with modern amenities this ship promises to provide guests with an amazing vacation experience they’ll never forget!

Conclusion: The Volendam Cruise Ship is now servicing passengers in Alaska during its summer season before heading down to Mexico in fall and then returning to the Caribbean for winter season thereafter returning back to Alaska again come springtime!