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3 Top places for 2019 – Morocco, Russia and Jordan!

My 3 Top places for 2019?  There is a whole big wide world to explore!  My top 3 low cost favourites are  Morocco, Russia and Jordan.    All 3 are not expensive countries to stay in and travel around.  You won’t feel as if you are a walking ATM machine!  I have to add Bali now after my recent trip!  That is great value too!  Read about it here:

Explore Bali – The secret island

Do you want to visit somewhere that is:

  • Not Expensive
  • Unique
  • Friendly welcoming people

I avoid absurdly expensive countries, especially now with the pound a a very weak exchange rate! I like to travel in luxury, but do not want to be ripped off.  There are many countries I would recommend but 3 of my favourites at the moment are:

Morocco – I visited 3 times in 2 years and would happily go back!  Diverse, beautiful, interesting with a unique identity.

Russia – A beautiful country with friendly people.  I loved every minute of my trips and would go back again.  It has so much heritage, culture plus it is very safe and inexpensive.

Jordan – A safe little oasis in the Middle East.  Again, it has a unique identity, lots of fascinating places to visit and very friendly and welcoming people.  I travelled alone and was treated politely and with respect wherever I went in Jordan.


First up is Morocco.  Whatever you like be it Desert, beautiful beaches or fabulous old towns it is in Morocco.  One of the best things about this country is that it retains its identity.  It is still very different from anywhere else and choc full of history.


Friends said to me ‘Oh you won’t like it, its dirty, crowded and you are hassled to buy things all the time”.  I stupidly listened and avoided Morocco for years!  Well, I was enchanted by Morocco and its people from the minute I stepped off the plane.  Marrakesh was a delight.  During my first trip,  I stayed in Palmeyria about 20 minutes out of town and the second time in the old Medina in a traditional Riad.  I would recommend both.  More about Marrakesh here:

Magical Marrakesh Medina

My first trip was so good, I went back a few weeks later on a girls road trip. Read about it here:

Morocco Road Trip – Drive yourself!

Morocco is perfectly safe with good roads and careful drivers.  We hired a car and enjoyed the trip, apart from one speeding ticket all went well.  Beware, they are very hot on speeding!


Stopped for lunch and it is a typical beach resort mostly dating from the ’70’s and ’80’s.  About 30 minutes north of Agadir we stayed at a resort on the most beautiful beach, perfect for surfers.


Possibly my favourite place.  It can be windy but we we’re very lucky and experienced lovely sunny days without any wind in March.  A stay in a Riad in the old town was a great experience. Exploring the souks, restaurants and cafe’s I soon felt like a local.

Wherever you go in Morocco everyone is so kind and friendly, we did not meet one unfriendly person.

Essaouira – My favourite Place in Morocco


PHOTO: Hike in The Atlas Mountains

Then it was off the the mountains! I would like to spend another couple of days hiking in the mountains, our trip was short but perfect.  Even if we did manage to get lost finding the excellent luxury hotel  Kasbah Bab Ourika    Read about the Atlas Mountains here:

5 Top Tips for a Trip to the Atlas Mountains


Where to travel 2019? An instant love affair with Russia! St Petersburg is an enormous, majestic city with beautiful museums, palaces, restaurants and cafes with very friendly and beautiful people as well.  Morocco and Russia have more in common than friendly people, they have both retained their individual identity and you will be in no doubt that you are in Russia.  Globalisation has homogenised so many other places in the world.


PHOTO: Church of the Spilt Blood, St Petersburg

Do not hesitate to visit, you will be perfectly safe and welcome.  Read my blog about it here:

5 Favourite Places in St Petersburg Russia

Stay on the main street running through the city, Nevsky Propsect at the Corinthia Hotel, which was a wonderful choice and perfectly located right where you will want to be!  I stayed at luxury hotel  Corinthia Hotel

PHOTO: The Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

Explore the museums, galleries, walk around this beautiful city a be captivated.  How about a night at the Russian Ballet? A traditional Russian restaurant? There is a lot to do! I liked it so much I am returned to visit Moscow.

Read about it here:

St Regis Nikolskaya Hotel Review – Visit Moscow

PHOTO: River Neva in St Petersburg, Russia


PHOTO: The Dead Sea, Jordan

Where to travel 2019?  Last but not least, JORDAN! Again, I had such a great time, I went back again.  Situated in The Middle East sandwiched between Syria, Israel, Egypt Jordan is a surprisingly peaceful country.  The question I am asked most frequently : “Is it safe”.  I felt perfectly safe at all times, wandered around alone all over the country and loved the friendly and hospitable Jordanian people.

Read my blogs here:

Where to go in Jordan – My Solo trip to a magical land!

Stay at the wonderful Movenpick Hotels, they are excellent.  http://www.movenpick.com.Travel from Amman to The Dead Sea and then float on the healing waters enriched with minerals, 400 metres below sea level at the lowest point on earth.

PHOTO: Sunset over The Dead Sea, Jordan

Then travel to Petra and enjoy The Pink City, one of the 7 wonders of the world.  Below is the world famous Treasury built in 200 AD by the Nabatean people, explore the old trading route and walk through time! Stay at Luxury hotel The Movenpick Hotel Petra

PHOTO: The Treasury, Petra, Jordan

Further south enjoy the Desert of Wadi Rum and then Aqaba, on the Red Sea perfect for diving and relaxing. I stayed overnight in Wadi Rum desert in a luxury camp.  However, it is close enough for a day trip from either Petra or Aqabaq.   Read about it here:

Wadi Rum Desert – explore Jordan

Let’s hope for a fabulous Summer 2019 full of exciting adventures.  Write and tell me if you go to any of my suggestions! Where to travel – How about Morocco, Russia and Jordan!