Which Backpack Is Best for Backpacking?

By Anna Duncan

When it comes to backpacking, having the right backpack is essential. The best backpack for backpacking will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of activities you plan to do, how much gear you need to carry, and the kinds of trips you take. There are several different types of backpacks available, each designed for different purposes.

Frame Backpacks: Frame backpacks are designed for long distance hiking and are ideal for carrying heavy loads. They have an external frame that provides support and helps distribute weight evenly across your body. Frame backpacks also typically come with additional pockets and compartments to store additional items.

Internal Frame Backpacks: Internal frame backpacks are a popular choice among hikers because they offer better stability and support than external frame packs. These packs are slightly more expensive than external frames but offer more comfort and adjustability. They’re also great for carrying heavy loads over uneven terrain.

Day Packs: Day packs are smaller in size, making them ideal for short day hikes or overnight trips. They usually don’t have as many pockets or compartments as larger packs but still provide plenty of storage space for essentials like food, water, and clothing.

Ultralight Backpacks: Ultralight backpacks are designed to be lightweight yet still provide ample storage space for your gear. These packs are typically made from lightweight materials such as nylon or ripstop fabric and usually feature minimal pockets or compartments.

Which backpack is best for backpacking ultimately depends on the type of activities being done and how much gear needs to be carried. For longer trips where heavier loads need to be carried, an internal or external frame pack is recommended. If a shorter trip with minimal weight is planned then a day pack or ultralight backpack may be a better choice.