Which Cruise Ship Has a Go-Kart Track on It?

By Robert Palmer

Cruise ships offer a wide range of activities for guests and many of the larger vessels now include go-kart tracks for the ultimate thrill-seeking experience. Go-karts are a great way to have some fun while on board a ship, and they provide an adrenaline-filled ride that appeals to all ages. While there are several cruise lines that offer go-karts, Royal Caribbean is the only one that has a dedicated track on one of its ships.

Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate Abyss

The Ultimate Abyss is the world’s largest slide at sea, and it is located on board the Symphony of the Seas, which is one of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class ships. This impressive 10-deck tall slide takes riders down a nearly vertical drop that ends in an interactive splash zone.

But what makes this attraction even more exciting is that it doubles as a go-kart track! Riders can race against each other in electric go-karts as they descend down this thrilling slide.

Go Karting On The Ultimate Abyss

The go karts on the Ultimate Abyss are electric and have two speeds – slow and fast. The slow speed allows riders to take their time as they wind through curves and dips while enjoying the views from up high.

The fast speed offers an adrenaline rush as riders take tight turns and race each other to the bottom. The ride also includes interactive elements such as lighted Targets and obstacles along with sound effects to make it even more exciting.

Safety Guidelines

Safety is always paramount when riding any type of vehicle, especially when at sea, so Royal Caribbean has put some strict guidelines in place for those who wish to ride on board the Ultimate Abyss. Riders must be at least 8 years old, 48 inches tall, and weigh less than 300 pounds. All riders must wear safety gear such as helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and life jackets at all times.


Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of Seas is currently the only cruise ship with a dedicated go-kart track onboard – The Ultimate Abyss. It offers an exciting ride for all ages with its two speed electric karts and interactive elements throughout the course. Safety guidelines are also in place to ensure everyone has a safe experience while riding this thrilling attraction.