Which Cruise Ship Has a Planetarium?

By Alice Nichols

A cruise ship is a great way to experience a variety of places around the world. Many cruise ships now have a range of exciting activities onboard including shopping, sports, entertainment and dining.

One of the most exciting features on many cruise ships today is the planetarium. Planetariums offer travelers a unique way to explore the night sky and learn about astronomy.

The Royal Caribbean’s Quantum-class cruise ship, Ovation of the Seas, has one of the largest and most advanced planetariums at sea. The on-board planetarium is called SeaLabs and it is located in the top deck’s upper theater. It uses cutting-edge technology to create a realistic representation of outer space with more than 8 million stars, galaxies and celestial bodies projected onto its domed ceiling.

The SeaLabs planetarium provides an immersive experience for guests with informative shows about astronomy as well as interactive games and activities. These shows are presented in 4K high definition, making them even more engaging. The shows are narrated by professional astronomers who explain complex topics in an entertaining way.

The Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships also have planetariums onboard called SeaPlex Dome Theater. The SeaPlex Dome Theater offers educational films about outer space as well as interactive games for kids and adults alike. The theater also features concerts from time to time.

Disney Cruise Line also has a planetarium onboard its Dream Class ships. The Disney Dream has an in-theater experience called Starlit Field which allows guests to explore galaxies from their own seats using laser pointers and 3D glasses. This interactive show is narrated by an astronomer who will guide you through your journey into space.


Cruise ships are becoming more advanced with each passing year, offering passengers more innovative experiences than ever before. For those interested in exploring the night sky, there are several cruise lines with planetariums onboard their ships such as Royal Caribbean’s Quantum-class, Oasis-class, and Disney Cruise Line’s Dream Class vessels.