Which Cruise Ship Is the Most Popular?

By Robert Palmer

Cruise ships have become increasingly popular in the last few decades, with more and more people looking to holiday in luxury on the open seas. Cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes, from smaller vessels that can carry only a few hundred passengers, to colossal vessels that can transport up to 6,000. But which cruise ship is the most popular?

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for in a cruise ship. Some may be interested in the luxury accommodations available on larger vessels such as Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class.

These ships feature multiple restaurants, bars and clubs, as well as luxurious amenities like spa services and private balconies. For those looking for the ultimate experience in relaxation and pampering, these vessels are an ideal choice.

On the other hand, some travelers may be more interested in smaller ships with fewer passengers but still plenty of amenities. Carnival’s Vista Class and Costa’s Diadema class are two of the most popular mid-size ships for this type of traveler. These vessels offer spacious staterooms and a variety of activities such as pools, restaurants and entertainment venues.

For travelers who prefer an intimate setting with fewer passengers but still plenty of amenities, Silversea’s Explorer Class is an excellent choice. These small cruise ships offer personalized service with luxurious accommodations and gourmet cuisine.

Finally, those looking for an exciting adventure-filled vacation may want to consider one of the expedition-style vessels such as Hurtigruten’s Roald Amundsen or Ponant’s Le Bougainville cruises. These vessels take passengers off-the-beaten path to explore remote areas of the world while offering comfortable accommodations and delicious cuisine.


With so many different types of cruise ships available today, it is difficult to choose just one which is considered “the most popular” option for vacationers. The best way to determine which cruise ship is right for you is to consider your own needs and desires when it comes to your holiday experience – from large-scale luxury vessels offering every amenity imaginable, to smaller expedition style boats taking you off-the-beaten path – there is something out there for everyone!