Which Is One of the Best Places to Ski in Argentina?

By Robert Palmer

Skiing in Argentina is an amazing experience, with some of the best skiing locations in the world. From the Andes to the Patagonian glaciers, there are a variety of ski resorts that offer incredible views and exciting runs for all levels of skiers.

The Andes Mountains provide a unique skiing experience due to their high altitudes and abundant snowfall. The most popular ski resorts are located in Bariloche, Las Lenas, Cerro Catedral, Chapelco, and Cerro Castor.

Each resort offers something different, from beginner slopes to challenging black diamonds. The resorts are well-maintained with modern facilities, and many offer a variety of activities like snowmobiling, ice fishing, and sledding.

Las Lenas is one of the most popular ski destinations in Argentina. Located near San Juan Province in Mendoza Province, this resort offers stunning views of the Andes as well as some of the best skiing in South America.

With terrain ranging from beginner runs to double black diamond slopes, Las Lenas is perfect for all levels of skiers. The resort also offers luxurious lodging options and amenities such as spa services and fine dining experiences for those looking for more than just a ski vacation.

Cerro Catedral is another great resort located near Bariloche that has something for everyone. From beginner slopes to challenging runs on Mt Tronador (the highest peak in the area), Cerro Catedral offers incredible views and plenty of activities off-slopes such as snowshoeing or horseback riding excursions. The resort also has world-class lodging options from rustic cabins to luxurious condos.

Chapelco is another great ski destination located near San Martin de Los Andes offering incredible views of the Andes Mountains and Lake Lácar nearby. This family-friendly resort caters to every level skier with easy access to beginners’ slopes and challenging runs for more experienced skiers on Mt Chapelco itself.

There are plenty of off-slope activities like snowmobiling or trekking around stunning lakeside trails too.


Argentina has some amazing places to go skiing that cater to all levels of skiers – from beginners’ slopes to intense black diamond runs – making it one of the best places in South America for winter sports lovers! Whether you want an unforgettable view while you ski or looking for luxurious amenities off-slopes during your stay – Argentina’s ski resorts have something for everyone!