Who Is the Woman Who Lives on a Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

Who Is the Woman Who Lives on a Cruise Ship?

Voyaging across the world in a luxurious cruise ship is a dream for many people, but for one woman, it’s her reality. Her name is Carla Costigliolo and she has been living full-time on a cruise ship for over five years.

She left her home in Argentina and has since explored more than 50 countries.

Costigliolo works as a blogger and freelance journalist, writing about her travels and experiences. She also shares tips and advice on how to enjoy the world while living on a budget. Her blog posts have been featured in numerous travel magazines and websites around the world.

Costigliolo is an experienced traveler who knows how to make the most of her time on board. She says that living at sea has taught her lessons about life that she never expected to learn, such as patience, flexibility, and resilience. She also emphasizes the importance of having an open mind when travelling.

When Costigliolo isn’t exploring new places or writing about them, she’s often found enjoying some of the amenities offered by the cruise ship she lives on including spas, gyms, libraries, art galleries and more. Costigliolo also enjoys entertaining guests who visit her onboard home.

Living at sea has allowed Costigliolo to experience parts of the world that she would have never otherwise seen, while giving her unique opportunities to pursue her career aspirations.

Carla Costigliolo is an inspiration to anyone who wishes they could take their life aboard a cruise ship too.


Carla Costigliolo is an example of someone who chose to make their dreams come true by opting for an unconventional lifestyle aboard a cruise ship. With years spent exploring new places around the globe while pursuing her career as a freelance journalist, Costigliolo serves as an inspiration for those looking for adventure and discover new places around them.