Who Owns Apartments on the World Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

The concept of a World Cruise Ship, a massive vessel that sails around the world and visits many different ports, has been around for some time. But the idea of who owns apartments on such a ship is a relatively new one. And it’s an interesting question to ask – who are these people who own such luxurious properties?

The most obvious answer is that the apartments are owned by wealthy individuals who have purchased them outright. These owners will often use their properties as vacation homes or even as full-time residences when they are away from home. They may also rent out their apartments to other passengers when they are not using them.

However, there are also some other possibilities for ownership of apartments on a World Cruise Ship. Some cruise lines may offer ownership opportunities to their passengers, allowing them to purchase a portion of their ship’s space and use it as their own private apartment. This option is usually only available on larger vessels with ample room for dwellings.

In addition, many cruise lines offer fractional ownership programs where multiple people can purchase shares in the same apartment. This allows multiple owners to share in the costs of ownership while still having access to their own private space.

Finally, some cruise lines may offer “floating condos” where people can buy an entire apartment unit that they can use while sailing around the world. These units often come with all of the amenities found in traditional land-based condominiums.


It is clear that there are various ways in which someone can own an apartment on a World Cruise Ship. Whether it be through outright purchase or through a fractional ownership program or floating condo, there is no shortage of options available for those looking for this type of luxury living experience.