Who Owns Queen Elizabeth Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

The Queen Elizabeth cruise ship is one of the most iconic ships in the world. Owned by Cunard Line, it was built in England in 1967 and has been sailing ever since.

The ship is a floating hotel and has hosted some of the most famous names in history, including Queen Elizabeth II herself. It is considered a grand luxury liner and still holds its own against newer vessels.

The Queen Elizabeth is over 950 feet long and can accommodate up to 2,000 passengers. It also has 1,017 staterooms and over 1,000 crew members.

It offers a wide range of facilities, from a theatre and casino to a spa and gym. The ship also has multiple restaurants, bars, shops and other amenities for guests to enjoy.

The Queen Elizabeth’s design was inspired by Cunard Line’s original liners from the early 1900s. However, it was designed with modern features such as stabilizers to reduce roll at sea. The ship also has four diesel engines that give it a maximum speed of 22 knots making it one of the fastest cruise ships at sea.

The Queen Elizabeth continues to sail around the world offering passengers an unforgettable experience. From its elegant restaurants to its luxurious staterooms, this grand liner truly stands out among today’s modern cruise ships.

Who Owns Queen Elizabeth Cruise Ship?

Cunard Line owns the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship which was built in 1967 in England and continues sailing around the world today. With its iconic design and modern amenities, the Queen Elizabeth offers its guests an unforgettable experience on board.


Cunard Line is the proud owner of the majestic Queen Elizabeth cruise ship which continues to offer its passengers an unforgettable experience on board with its elegant restaurants, luxurious staterooms and modern amenities.