Who Pays What for a Destination Wedding?

By Robert Palmer

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years, as couples look to combine the beauty of a special location with the joy of their wedding day. However, there is often confusion over who pays what when it comes to a destination wedding.

The primary responsibility for paying for a destination wedding usually falls on the couple themselves. This means that all costs related to the event – including travel and accommodation for guests, decorations, catering, entertainment and other incidentals – should be taken care of by the couple. It’s worth noting that some couples choose to share some of these costs with their families or friends, either by asking them to contribute financially or providing them with discounts on travel and lodging.

In addition to covering all of the costs associated with their destination wedding, couples should also consider any additional expenses they might incur while travelling. These can include lodging for themselves and any guests who need a place to stay during the event, meals during their travels, transportation costs and any applicable taxes or fees.

When it comes to covering guest expenses for a destination wedding, couples should remember that it’s not mandatory for them to do so. Although it is seen as polite and generous to help cover some or all of their guest’s expenses, couples may find that this is simply not feasible given their budget. In such cases, guests should be expected to pay for their own travel and lodging.


To sum up, when planning a destination wedding it’s important for couples to remember that they are responsible for covering most of the costs associated with the event – including travel and accommodation expenses. Couples may also choose to share some of these costs with family and friends if they are able; however it is ultimately up to them whether they wish do so or not. At the same time, guests should be expected to cover their own travel and lodging expenses unless otherwise specified by the couple.