Why Is Backpacking Food So Expensive?

By Robert Palmer

Backpacking food is essential when going on a long hike, but it can be expensive. Backpacking food is designed to provide the necessary nutrients and energy while being lightweight and easy to carry.

Unfortunately, this convenience comes at a price, and it can be difficult to justify the cost of backpacking food when compared to traditional camping food. But why is it so expensive?

Ingredients: Backpacking food is typically made with higher-quality ingredients than traditional camping food. This includes items such as freeze-dried vegetables, dehydrated fruits, nuts, and seeds.

These ingredients are often more expensive than processed foods found in typical grocery stores. Furthermore, the processing of these foods adds to their cost as well as their shelf life and convenience.

Packaging: Backpacking food is also packaged differently than traditional camping food. Most backpacking meals come in lightweight packaging that makes them easy to transport.

This packaging often includes special protective layers that keep the meal fresh for longer periods of time. These materials are more expensive than traditional packaging but make it easier for hikers to enjoy a nutritious meal on their journey.

Nutrition: Finally, backpacking food typically offers more nutrition per calorie than traditional camping meals. The nutrient content of backpacking meals often surpasses that of comparable items found in grocery stores or restaurants due to the higher quality ingredients used in their production. This extra nutrition helps hikers stay energized on long hikes without having to carry bulky items or extra weight in their packs.


Backpacking food may seem expensive compared to traditional camping food, but it offers many advantages that make it worth the cost. From higher-quality ingredients and special packaging designed for portability, to increased nutrition per calorie – backpacking meals provide hikers with energy and nourishment without breaking the bank or adding unnecessary weight to their packs!