Why Is Raleigh Durham Ranked as One of the Best Places to Live in the United States?

By Michael Ferguson

Raleigh Durham is an area in North Carolina that has consistently been ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States. There are a variety of reasons why this area is so highly rated, from its strong job market to its vibrant culture and excellent quality of life.

Raleigh Durham is home to several large universities and colleges, including Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This makes it a great place for students, who have access to a wide range of educational opportunities.

The area also has several research institutions, such as the Research Triangle Park and the NC Biotechnology Center. This provides many job opportunities for those looking for work in high-tech fields.

The Raleigh Durham area also has a strong economy and is home to many major companies, such as IBM and Red Hat. This makes it a great place for those looking for stable employment with good wages. Additionally, the cost of living in Raleigh Durham is relatively low compared to other parts of the United States.

Raleigh Durham also offers residents an array of cultural attractions and entertainment options. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, museums, galleries, theaters, and parks that offer something for everyone to enjoy. Residents can also take part in various festivals throughout the year or attend professional sports games at one of the area’s many stadiums or arenas.

Finally, Raleigh Durham has excellent public transportation options which make getting around easy and convenient. The city is served by both bus and rail lines that provide reliable service throughout the city. Additionally, there are plenty of bike lanes throughout Raleigh Durham which make cycling an attractive option for getting around town quickly and safely.


Raleigh Durham offers an unbeatable combination of educational opportunities, strong job market prospects, low cost of living expenses, cultural attractions, entertainment options and excellent public transportation services – all making it one of the best places to live in the United States today!