Will Business Travel Ever Return?

By Anna Duncan

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a major disruption in the business travel industry, leading to large-scale layoffs, furloughs and closures of hotels and airlines. With lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed in many countries, the future of business travel is uncertain.

In the past, business trips were considered a necessary part of doing business. They provided an opportunity for face-to-face meetings and collaboration that could not be achieved through virtual meetings.

Businesses would send employees to conferences, trade shows and other events as part of their sales and marketing activities. However, with the advent of video conferencing technology, companies have been able to reduce their reliance on business trips.

The pandemic has driven businesses to further reduce their spending on travel. Companies have adopted remote work policies as an alternative to physical meetings.

Video conferencing services such as Zoom have also become increasingly popular for both internal meetings and client interactions. This has resulted in fewer people travelling for business purposes.

The outlook for business travel is uncertain at this point. In some industries where physical presence is essential, such as construction or manufacturing, there may be an increase in demand for business trips once the pandemic is over.

However, it is likely that many businesses will continue to rely heavily on virtual meetings rather than physical travel for most of their interactions. This could mean that even after restrictions are lifted, there may be fewer people travelling for work.


It is difficult to predict if or when business travel will return to pre-pandemic levels but it seems likely that it will take some time before we see a full recovery. Companies may continue to prioritize virtual meetings over physical ones due to cost savings and convenience reasons. As such, it is likely that we will see a significant reduction in the amount of people travelling for work even after restrictions are lifted.