Are Cruise Ship Pools Filled With Sea Water?

By Robert Palmer

Cruise ships are a popular holiday choice because they offer a wide range of activities and amenities, including pools. But are cruise ship pools filled with sea water?

The answer is no. Cruise ship pools are not filled with sea water. Most cruise ships have freshwater swimming pools that are filled with freshwater from either on-board desalination plants or water tanks that are refilled in port.

The reason cruise ship pools don’t use sea water is because the salt content of seawater is too high for swimming and can cause skin irritation, rashes, and even infections.

Additionally, the chlorine levels needed to keep seawater clean enough for swimming would be too high for most people to tolerate.

In addition to being filled with freshwater, cruise ship pools also usually feature filtration systems that keep the water clean and safe for swimmers. The filters remove any dirt or debris from the pool, as well as any bacteria or pathogens that could cause illness or infection in swimmers.

While cruise ship pools may not be filled with sea water, many still feature ocean views and other elements inspired by their location at sea. Some ships even have simulated beach areas around their pool decks complete with sand and palm trees, making it easy to forget you’re actually on a boat!


In conclusion, cruise ship pools are typically not filled with seawater due to the high salt content which can cause skin irritation and other problems for swimmers. Instead, they use freshwater from on-board desalination plants or reservoirs which is then filtered to keep it clean and safe for use in the pool.