Does Rome Remastered Have Console Commands?

By Robert Palmer

Does Rome Remastered Have Console Commands?

If you’re a fan of the classic strategy game, Rome: Total War, then you’re probably excited about the recent release of Rome Remastered. This revamped version brings improved graphics, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and a host of other features to make your gaming experience even better.

But what about console commands? Can you still use them in Rome Remastered?

The Good News:

Yes, console commands are still available in Rome Remastered, just like in the original game. These commands allow you to tweak various aspects of the game, experiment with different settings, or simply have some fun. Whether you want to give yourself an advantage in battles or test out new strategies, console commands can be a valuable tool.

How to Access Console Commands:

To access the console in Rome Remastered, simply press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard. This will open up a small window where you can input your commands. Once you’ve entered a command, press Enter to execute it.

Common Console Commands:

Rome Remastered shares many console commands with its predecessor. Here are some commonly used ones that you may find useful:

Movement and Camera Control:

  • toggle_fow: Toggles fog of war on/off.
  • teleport_unit [unit ID]: Teleports a selected unit to the specified location.
  • kill_character [character ID]: Kills the specified character.

Cheats for Resources and Money:

  • add_money [amount]: Adds the specified amount of money to your faction’s treasury.
  • auto_win [attacker/defender]: Automatically wins the current battle as either the attacker or defender.

Gameplay and AI Control:

  • process_cq [settlement ID]: Instantly completes construction in a specified settlement.
  • create_unit [settlement ID] [unit ID] [amount]: Creates the specified number of units in a specified settlement.
  • capture_settlement: Captures the currently selected settlement for your faction.

Experiment and Have Fun:

Console commands in Rome Remastered provide you with endless possibilities to experiment, customize, and have fun with the game. Whether you want to build an invincible army, speed up your progress, or simply explore different gameplay options, console commands are at your disposal. Just remember that using console commands may disable achievements, so it’s best to use them in non-competitive or single-player modes.

In Conclusion:

Rome Remastered retains the ability to use console commands from the original game. These commands allow you to enhance your gameplay experience by tweaking various aspects of the game.

From controlling camera movements to manipulating resources, there are numerous console commands at your disposal. So go ahead and unleash your creativity in Rome Remastered!