Does Venus Have a Statue in Rome?

By Alice Nichols

Does Venus Have a Statue in Rome? Let’s find out!

The Goddess Venus

Venus, the Roman goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, has been an important figure in Roman mythology. Known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology, Venus was revered by the Romans and had several temples and statues dedicated to her throughout the empire. One of the most famous depictions of Venus is the Venus de Milo, a statue discovered on the Greek island of Milos.

Rome – The Eternal City

Rome, often referred to as the “Eternal City,” is known for its rich history and abundant art treasures. The city is home to countless ancient ruins, museums, and galleries that showcase masterpieces from different eras. Given Rome’s historical significance and its connection to Roman mythology, it is only natural to wonder if there is a statue of Venus in this captivating city.

The Capitoline Venus

While there might not be a specific statue dedicated solely to Venus in Rome, there is a famous sculpture known as the Capitoline Venus that showcases her beauty. This exquisite marble statue is believed to depict Venus after her bath.

The Capitoline Venus can be found in the Capitoline Museums on Capitoline Hill, one of Rome’s seven hills. The museum houses an impressive collection of ancient Roman art and artifacts, including sculptures from various gods and goddesses.

Other Representations of Venus

In addition to the Capitoline Venus, other representations of Venus can be found throughout Rome. These include reliefs on ancient buildings, such as temples or triumphal arches, depicting scenes from Roman mythology where Venus often plays a significant role.


Although Rome might not have a specific standalone statue dedicated solely to Venus, the Capitoline Venus and other representations of the goddess can be found throughout the city. These artworks serve as a testament to the influence and significance of Venus in Roman mythology and reinforce Rome’s reputation as a hub of art and culture.

If you ever find yourself in Rome, make sure to visit the Capitoline Museums to admire the beauty of the Capitoline Venus and explore the rich history and artistry of this enchanting city.