How Big Was the Titanic Compared to a Modern Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

The Titanic was one of the most famous ships in history, and its enormous size made it a marvel of its time. But how does its size compare to modern cruise ships?

The Titanic was 882 feet long, 175 feet high and 92 feet wide. It weighed approximately 46,328 tons when it was fully loaded with passengers, crew and cargo. The ship had nine decks including the boat deck, bridge deck and deck F. It had a total of 2,435 rooms ranging from luxurious first-class suites to simple third-class cabins.

Today’s cruise ships are much larger than the Titanic. The world’s largest cruise ship is Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas, which is 1,188 feet long and 215 feet high.

It has 18 decks with a total of 2,759 rooms. Its weight is around 228,081 gross tons when fully loaded.

So in terms of size, modern cruise ships are much larger than the Titanic. They have more decks and many more rooms for passengers to enjoy during their voyage. The sheer size of these ships allows them to offer a wide array of amenities such as pools, spas, gyms, theaters and even water slides.

The Titanic was an impressive vessel for its time but it pales in comparison to modern cruise ships. Today’s vessels are much longer in length and higher in height than the RMS Titanic while also having many more rooms available for passengers to enjoy. As such they are able to provide their guests with far more amenities than what was offered on the ill-fated voyage of 1912.