How Did the Girl Get Out of the Cruise Ship Slide?

By Alice Nichols

The girl, who was visiting a cruise ship with her family, had quite an adventure when she found herself stuck inside a giant water slide. She had gone up to the top deck of the boat to have some fun and decided to take a ride down the slide. Unfortunately, when she slid down, she got lodged in the middle of the tube and couldn’t get out.

The girl was terrified at first but then thought of a plan. She screamed for help but no one could hear her from inside the slide.

She then proceeded to use her hands to feel around for any objects that she could grab onto in order to pull herself out. After searching around for a few minutes, she was able to find an exposed pipe near the wall of the tube which she used as a lever to push off and propel herself out of the slide.

Once outside, the girl was relieved that her plan had worked and thanked her lucky stars that she hadn’t been stuck in there for too long. She returned to her family with a story that they would never forget!


In conclusion, the girl used her quick thinking and determination to get out of an otherwise seemingly impossible situation. Through some creative problem-solving, she managed to free herself from being stuck inside the cruise ship slide and returned safely back home with an exciting story!