How Do I Come Up With a Travel Business Name?

By Alice Nichols

Naming a travel business is a great opportunity to express the unique character and vision of your organization. It’s also an important decision that should be taken seriously, as it will become the public face of your company. When brainstorming possible names, consider the following tips to ensure you come up with something that accurately reflects your brand.

Think About Your Target Audience

When coming up with a travel business name, it’s important to consider who you’ll be serving. If you’re Targeting luxury travelers, you’ll want to convey that in your name.

Conversely, if you specialize in budget-friendly trips, finding a name that reflects this should be a priority. Thinking about who you’ll be serving can help narrow down potential names and ensure they align with your Target audience.

Be Memorable

When deciding on a travel business name, it’s essential to make sure it stands out from the competition. While it’s okay to play off of existing words or phrases related to travel, make sure your name still has its own unique spin. This will ensure customers remember you and come back for more.

Get Creative With Your Domain Name

Once you settle on a few possible names for your travel business, do some research around domain availability and pricing. You might find that some of the more traditional options are already taken or cost more than expected. This is why it can be beneficial to think outside the box when selecting a domain; adding hyphens or abbreviations could give you access to a better domain.

Keep It Short and Sweet

When coming up with a travel business name, less is often more. Not only does this make it easier for potential customers to remember but also makes life easier when designing logos or marketing materials. Keep it short and sweet for maximum impact.


Deciding on a travel business name can be tricky but doesn’t have to be difficult when following these tips. Think about who you’re Targeting, come up with something memorable and creative for the domain name, and keep it short and sweet. By considering these points carefully, you’re sure to come up with something perfect for your brand.