How Heavy Is a Cruise Ship in Tons?

By Anna Duncan

Cruise ships are large vessels that transport people and goods across the world’s oceans and seas. Cruise ships are often seen as a luxurious way to travel, providing many amenities and services on board. But how much do these massive vessels weigh?

Cruise ships come in a variety of sizes, from small river cruise ships of only a few hundred tons to the world’s largest passenger vessel, Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas, which weighs an incredible 228,081 tons! This makes it about three times heavier than an aircraft carrier! That’s an incredible amount of weight for one vessel.

The weight of a cruise ship is determined by several factors. The size and type of the ship will affect its overall weight.

The number of passengers it can hold also affects its weight. Other factors include the materials used to build the ship, such as steel or aluminum, and any amenities or equipment on board.

The total weight of a cruise ship also includes its cargo and fuel. Cruise ships need to carry enough fuel to power their engines and other onboard systems during their voyage. This means that the heavier the cargo carried by a ship, the more fuel it needs to carry.


A cruise ship can weigh anywhere from a few hundred tons to over 200,000 tons depending on its size and type. The materials used in its construction, number of passengers it holds, cargo carried on board and amount of fuel needed all contribute to its total weight.