How Long Does It Take a Cruise Ship to Get to Hawaii?

By Alice Nichols

Cruising is a great way to visit the beautiful islands of Hawaii. But how long does it take for a cruise ship to get to Hawaii? The answer depends on where the cruise ship departs from and which island it is headed to.

Cruising From the West Coast

Many cruises depart from the West Coast of the United States, typically from ports in California, Washington and Oregon. Cruises departing from the West Coast can take anywhere from five days up to two weeks, depending on where they are headed.

For example, if a cruise is departing from Los Angeles and traveling to Maui, it will take around five days. However, if it is departing from San Francisco and heading to Kauai, then it will take closer to two weeks.

Cruising From East Coast

Cruises departing from ports on the East Coast of the United States usually take longer than those leaving from the West Coast. Depending on where they are headed in Hawaii, cruises leaving from Florida or New York can take anywhere from 14 days up to three weeks. For example, a cruise leaving Miami and heading for Honolulu will usually take about 15 days at sea.

Cruising From Other Parts of The World

Cruises also depart from various locations around the world such as Australia and New Zealand. These cruises can range in length between 18 days up to four weeks depending on which port they are departing from and which island in Hawaii they are headed for.


The length of time it takes for a cruise ship to get to Hawaii varies depending on where it departs from and which island it is headed for. Cruises leaving from the West Coast typically take between five days up to two weeks while those leaving from other parts of the world may take as long as four weeks or more.