How Long Does It Take a Cruise Ship to Go From LA to Hawaii?

By Alice Nichols

Cruise ships offer a luxurious and convenient way to visit Hawaii from Los Angeles. The journey from one port to the other can take anywhere between five to seven days.

This is depending on the particular cruise line, distance, and stops along the way. The time it takes for the cruise ship to go from LA to Hawaii is ultimately determined by these variables.

The most direct route would be a one-way cruise but most ships will include a few stops along the way. These often include ports in Mexico, Central America, and even Polynesia before arriving in Hawaii. This adds extra days onto the journey, making it longer than a direct route.

The popular Carnival Cruise Lines offers cruises from Los Angeles to Hawaii and they usually take around seven days. They stop at two ports along the way—Ensenada in Mexico and Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii—and this adds two extra days onto the overall journey time.

Royal Caribbean, another well-known cruise line, offers similar itineraries with slightly shorter journeys of six days. These cruises stop at three ports in Mexico before arriving in Honolulu, which is located on Oahu island.

Celebrity Cruises, another major cruise line that travels to Hawaii from Los Angeles typically takes around five or six days depending on where you choose to disembark. Some Celebrity Cruises offer a four-day trip if you disembark at Hilo on the Big Island.

No matter which cruise line you choose, you should expect your voyage from Los Angeles to Hawaii to take between five and seven days depending on which ports are included in your chosen itinerary.

In conclusion, how long it takes for a cruise ship to go from LA to Hawaii depends mainly on which cruise line you choose and what ports are included along the way. Generally speaking, it will take between five and seven days for the journey with some lines offering shorter trips if departing earlier.