How Long Has Direct Travel Been in Business?

By Alice Nichols

Direct Travel is a leading global travel management company established in 1984. Founded by former British Airways executive, Richard Urry, and his wife Caroline, Direct Travel has grown from a small regional business to a global leader in the corporate travel industry.

The company specializes in providing tailored solutions and services to corporate clients of all sizes. From arranging flights and hotels to providing visas, car hire and insurance, Direct Travel offers everything you need for a successful trip.

Direct Travel has been at the forefront of the travel sector for over 30 years, continuously innovating and adapting to changing market conditions. The company’s commitment to customer service has seen it become one of the most respected names in the industry. With offices in over 20 countries across Europe, North America and Australia, Direct Travel is able to provide its clients with local expertise wherever they are travelling.

The experienced team at Direct Travel understands the importance of providing reliable services that meet their clients’ needs. They work hard to ensure that each trip is as stress-free as possible, taking into account all necessary factors such as cost savings, safety concerns and efficient scheduling. With an extensive network of partners around the world, Direct Travel can handle any request quickly and effectively.

The company also takes great pride in its commitment to sustainability initiatives such as carbon offsetting programs. In addition to this, Direct Travel strives for excellence by constantly developing new systems and technologies that help make travelling more efficient for their customers.


Direct Travel has been in business for over 30 years, providing tailored solutions for corporate clients across multiple countries. Their dedication to customer service combined with their commitment to sustainability initiatives makes them one of the most respected names in the travel industry today.