How Much Does a Cruise Ship Wedding Cost?

By Anna Duncan

A cruise ship wedding is a great way to celebrate your special day with all the amenities of a traditional land-based wedding, plus the added bonus of sailing to exotic destinations. Cruise ship weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years and offer couples an exciting alternative to the standard church or beach wedding. The cost of a cruise ship wedding can vary depending on several factors, such as the length of the cruise, the number of guests, and any additional amenities or services requested.

The first factor to consider when planning a cruise ship wedding is the length of your cruise. Most cruise ships offer packages that include a set number of days aboard, with some offering packages that span up to two weeks.

These packages generally include all meals and entertainment during your stay aboard the ship, as well as any shore excursions you choose to take. You’ll also need to factor in port fees and taxes, which can vary depending on your destination.

The second factor that affects the cost of a cruise ship wedding is the number of guests you’ll be inviting. Cruise ships are typically able to accommodate anywhere from two dozen people up to several hundred, so it’s important to plan ahead and accurately estimate how many guests you’ll be expecting. Depending on the size of your group, you may be eligible for group discounts from some cruise lines.

The third factor that can affect the price of a cruise ship wedding is any additional amenities or services requested. This could include items like extra decorations for your ceremony or reception area, an upgraded menu for your guests, or even professional photography services for capturing memories from throughout your journey. It’s important to keep in mind that these added costs can add up quickly, so it’s important to have an accurate budget in mind before you make any decisions about extras.

In general, most couples should expect their total cost for a cruise ship wedding package to range anywhere from $2,500-$10,000, depending on their individual needs and preferences. Of course this number could be higher or lower depending on factors like how many days are included in your package, where you choose to sail and what type of amenities you request.

Overall, planning a cruise ship wedding is an exciting adventure that allows couples to celebrate their special day while exploring different cultures and enjoying all that life at sea has to offer.

Conclusion: A cruise ship wedding can be an exciting way for couples to celebrate their special day while seeing exotic destinations around the world but it also comes with some significant costs associated with it. The total cost will depend on factors such as how long the trip is, how many guests are invited and what type of extra amenities are requested but couples should generally expect prices between $2,500-$10,000.