How Much Is a Pedicure on a Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

A pedicure on a cruise ship can be a great way to relax and enjoy the voyage. It’s an indulgent experience that can make you feel refreshed and renewed, allowing you to make the most of your vacation.

But how much does a pedicure cost on a cruise ship? The answer depends on the cruise line and what type of service you’re looking for.

The cost for a basic pedicure on many of the major cruise lines is usually between $40-60. This usually includes toe nails trimmed and shaped, cuticle work, callus removal, exfoliation, massage, and polish. If you want additional services such as paraffin treatments or additional massage time, you may have to pay extra.

For more luxurious treatments, some cruises offer spa services that include more customized treatments. These can include option such as hot stone massage, reflexology foot treatments, herbal soaks or body wraps. Prices for these treatments can range from $80-200 depending on the cruise line and the level of service provided.

Most cruises offer discounts for booking multiple spa services at once or when purchasing a package deal. It’s best to book in advance as prices may be higher if you wait until onboard the ship to book your appointment. Also keep in mind that some cruises may require guests to be 18 years or older in order to receive spa services.


Overall, how much a pedicure costs on board a cruise ship can vary widely depending on what type of service you’re looking for. Basic pedicures generally range from $40-60 while more luxurious treatments can be upwards of $200.

When booking your appointment it’s best to book in advance as prices may be higher if booked onboard the ship. Be sure to check with your cruise line for any age restrictions before booking.