How Wide Should a Backpacking Quilt Be?

By Robert Palmer

Backpacking quilts are a lightweight alternative to sleeping bags. Their design allows for greater freedom of movement, improved air circulation, and a smaller pack size.

But if you’re wondering how wide your backpacking quilt should be, there are a few factors to consider.

The size of your quilt is an important factor as it can affect the warmth of the quilt and your overall comfort while sleeping. If you go too small, you may end up with cold spots and drafts.

Too big and you will be lugging around extra weight that’s unnecessary. So what’s the ideal width?

The most important factor when considering width is the size of your body type. Generally speaking, if you are a larger person (over 6 feet tall) then you will want to go with a wider quilt so that you have enough fabric to tuck underneath yourself without any gaps or drafts. For smaller people (under 5’6”) then a narrower quilt should suffice.

Another important consideration is the type of backpacking trip you plan on taking. If you plan on going out in cold weather, then a wider quilt will provide more insulation from the elements and keep you warmer at night. If temperatures are milder or if weight is an issue (such as on a thru-hike), then going with a narrower quilt can help save space in your pack.


When choosing how wide your backpacking quilt should be, it is best to consider both your body type and the type of backpacking trip you plan on taking. For larger individuals or cold weather trips, opting for a wider quilt will provide better insulation and warmth while smaller people or milder temperatures may benefit more from opting for a narrower one.