Is 40L Enough for Backpacking?

By Michael Ferguson

Backpacking is a great way to explore the world on a budget. It gives travelers the freedom to go wherever they want and stay as long as they wish.

It can also be an incredibly rewarding experience that allows travelers to see the world in a different light. But, is 40L enough for backpacking?

The answer depends on how much you plan to bring with you and what type of trip you are taking. If your backpacking trip will be focused on staying in hostels and other budget accommodations, then 40L should be plenty of space for clothing, toiletries, essential documents, a few books or magazines, and perhaps a small laptop or tablet.

However, if your trip will involve camping and hikes that require more gear then 40L might not be enough. You may need to invest in a larger bag or purchase additional items that fit into your 40L bag.

Another factor to consider is how long your trip will last. If you are planning a multi-day hike or extended camping trip then you will need extra room for food, water, cooking supplies, and other items that may not fit into a 40L bag.

You may also need additional space for souvenirs or items you pick up along the way. In this case, it would be wise to invest in a larger backpack with more capacity.

Overall, 40L should be enough for most trips that involve staying in hostels and short hikes with minimal equipment. However, if you plan to take longer trips with more gear then it might be wise to invest in a larger backpack so that all of your items can fit comfortably inside without being crushed or damaged.


Is 40L enough for backpacking? It depends on the type of trip you are taking and how much gear you intend to bring with you. For shorter trips with minimal equipment requirements such as hostel stays and day hikes, 40L should be more than sufficient; however for longer trips with more gear requirements it may be wise to invest in a larger backpack.