Is Caravan Travel Still in Business?

By Anna Duncan

Caravan travel is a centuries-old industry that has greatly evolved over the years. From camels and wagons to RVs and trailers, the way we travel has changed significantly.

Despite these changes, caravan travel is still in business.

Today’s caravanning is an incredibly popular activity for travelers looking for an affordable and comfortable way to explore a destination. Touring with a caravan means you bring your home with you, so you can customize your experience by setting up camp in any number of beautiful places throughout the country.

Caravanning also offers freedom and flexibility; you can explore new places on your own schedule with no restrictions or set itineraries. This type of travel allows you to take advantage of all the wonderful experiences available along the way without worrying about where you’ll sleep or what meals you’ll eat.

In addition to providing an affordable and flexible option for travelers, caravanning also provides many environmental benefits. By using smaller vehicles, caravan travelers use less fuel than larger motorhomes or trailers, creating less emissions and helping preserve our planet’s natural resources.

Safety is another important factor for those considering caravan travel. Caravans are designed with safety in mind, featuring features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, air conditioning systems and more that help ensure a safe journey.


Caravan travel may have evolved over time but it remains a popular choice for travelers looking for an affordable and comfortable way to explore a destination. With its many benefits including flexibility, affordability, environmental friendliness, and safety features – caravan travel is still very much in business.