Is Carlson Wagonlit Travel Still in Business?

By Michael Ferguson

Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) is a global leader in business travel management. Founded in 1994, CWT provides corporate customers with an array of services, from helping plan and book flights to providing assistance with visas and other travel-related services. Over the years, CWT has become one of the most recognized names in business travel, and its industry-leading technologies have helped it stay ahead of the competition.

In recent years, however, competition has increased and the business travel industry has seen significant changes. Airlines are offering more competitive fares, which means that companies need to be more cost conscious when it comes to booking flights. Additionally, technology advancements have led to the emergence of online booking tools that allow companies to manage their own travel needs without having to rely on a third-party provider like CWT.

In response to these changes, CWT has had to adapt its business model in order to remain competitive. In 2018, the company announced a strategic restructuring that included cutting back on certain services and consolidating offices in order to reduce costs and focus on areas where it can still offer competitive advantages over other providers. Additionally, CWT has continued investing in technology and digital capabilities so that it can provide customers with the latest tools for managing their travel needs.

Despite these changes, CWT is still very much in business and continues to be a leader in corporate travel management. The company is well positioned for success going forward as it continues to invest in technology and digital capabilities so that it can provide customers with the best possible experience when managing their business trips.


Yes, Carlson Wagonlit Travel is still in business despite facing increased competition from other providers due to changes within the business travel industry. CWT has responded by restructuring its operations and investing heavily into technology so that they can remain competitive going forward.