Is REI Half Dome Good for Backpacking?

By Michael Ferguson

The REI Half Dome Tent is one of the most popular tents for backpacking and camping. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to set up, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable shelter when out in the wilderness.


The REI Half Dome Tent is made with high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the elements. The fabric is waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about your gear getting wet if it rains during your trip.

The thick poles provide extra stability and can withstand strong winds. The seams are taped, providing additional protection against leaks and drafts.


The REI Half Dome Tent provides plenty of space for two people to sleep comfortably. It has two doors and two vestibules that provide additional storage space for your gear. The tent also has a peak height of 48 inches, which gives you plenty of headroom inside the tent.


The REI Half Dome Tent has several vents that help keep air circulating through the tent, keeping the interior comfortable and preventing condensation build-up on the walls or ceiling. The vents also reduce interior noise levels by allowing sound to escape through them instead of echoing around inside the tent.


Overall, the REI Half Dome Tent is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a reliable shelter while out in the wilderness backpacking or camping. It is lightweight yet durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, provides ample space for two people to sleep comfortably, and offers excellent ventilation options to keep air circulating throughout the tent while reducing noise levels inside. Therefore, it can definitely be said that the REI Half Dome Tent is good for backpacking trips!