Is Riviera Travel Still in Business?

By Robert Palmer

Riviera Travel has been a leading tour operator for over thirty years, offering luxurious travel experiences to some of the world’s most incredible destinations. The company has an extensive range of escorted tours, cruises and rail journeys to suit a variety of budgets, with destinations ranging from the Mediterranean to Alaska.

However, in recent years Riviera Travel has encountered a number of challenges that have threatened its future. In particular, the global pandemic has had a major impact on the travel industry as a whole, with many companies struggling to survive. Riviera Travel is no exception, and despite their best efforts they have had to make some difficult decisions in order to stay afloat.

The most significant change that Riviera have made is their decision to suspend all escorted tours until 2021. This means that customers who have booked trips for 2020 will either be offered an alternative date or receive a full refund. It is also likely that there will be changes made to the range of tours available in 2021 and beyond as Riviera looks to ensure its long-term sustainability.

Riviera have also had to make staff redundancies as part of their cost-saving measures and are currently operating with a reduced team. Despite this, they remain committed to providing an excellent service for their customers and are still available via telephone or email for any queries or concerns about existing bookings.

In addition, Riviera are continuing with certain aspects of their business such as marketing and product development in order to remain competitive in the industry and prepare for when they can start running tours again in 2021.

Overall, it appears that Riviera Travel is still very much in business despite the challenges they have faced over the past year. With plans already being made for next year’s tours and continued customer support, it is clear that they remain dedicated to providing unforgettable holidays for their customers into the future.


Despite facing some serious issues due to Covid-19, it appears that Riviera Travel is still very much in business and is working hard on plans for 2021 so they can continue offering amazing holidays for their customers into the future.