Is There a Cruise Ship Graveyard in the Ocean?

By Alice Nichols

The idea of a cruise ship graveyard in the ocean is a concept that has been gaining traction in recent years, as more and more ships are retired or decommissioned. There is, however, no single location where these ships are sent to die, but rather a range of options that are available to cruise lines.

The most common choice for disposing of retired ships is to break them down and recycle the parts. This process can be expensive and time-consuming, but it helps ensure that all the materials used to construct the vessel are recycled responsibly.

Another option is to donate the ship to charity or another organization for use as a floating museum or educational facility.

For those vessels which cannot be recycled or donated, there have been reports of cruise lines choosing to sink their ships in order to create artificial reefs for fish and other sea life. This practice has been criticized by some environmental groups as it can lead to pollution if not done properly.

Finally, there have been cases where cruise lines will simply leave their ships afloat in the open ocean until they eventually sink from disrepair and neglect. This method has raised concerns from maritime safety agencies who worry that these vessels could become hazards for navigation if they remain adrift for too long.


In conclusion, while there may be an element of truth in stories about a “cruise ship graveyard” in the ocean, it is not an accurate description of how cruise lines go about disposing of their retired vessels. The industry has multiple options available to them when it comes to decommissioning ships, and most choose solutions which minimize environmental impact.