Is Travel Agency a Dying Business?

By Robert Palmer

Travel agencies have been around for decades, and have become an indispensable part of the travel industry. With the emergence of the internet, technology has enabled travelers to book their trips online, making it easier than ever before. However, despite this ease of use, travel agencies still manage to remain successful.

Most people think that with the advent of online booking websites, travel agencies are on their way out and are becoming a dying business. But this is not necessarily true. Even though travelers can book their trips all by themselves online, there are still many reasons why they turn to travel agencies instead.

One reason is that these professionals make the process much easier and more convenient for travelers. They provide assistance with everything from booking flights and hotels to planning itineraries and offering advice on which attractions to visit – something that many travelers find difficult or time-consuming when doing it on their own. They also provide valuable local knowledge which can help travelers get the most out of their trip.

Travel agents also offer competitive prices as they often have access to discounts which are not available to individual customers or those who book directly with suppliers such as airlines or hotels. They also offer additional services such as travel insurance and currency exchange services which help save time and money for customers.

Finally, having someone to talk to in person can be invaluable in case something goes wrong during a trip; whether it’s a missed flight or an unexpected emergency. Travel agents can help resolve any problems quickly and efficiently, providing peace of mind for customers who may otherwise be stranded in a foreign country without any help or support.

Overall, it’s clear that despite the rise of online booking websites, there is still a demand for travel agencies and they will continue to remain relevant in today’s market. The convenience they offer far outweighs any savings made by booking directly online; so while technology has certainly changed the way we book our trips, it doesn’t necessarily mean that travel agencies are a dying business.


In conclusion, it is clear that despite its competition from online booking websites, travel agency remains a viable business in today’s market due to its convenience and added value services such as local knowledge and assistance with resolving problems during trips.