What Are the Average Number of Guests for a Destination Wedding?

By Alice Nichols

Destination weddings are quickly gaining in popularity as couples look for unique ways to celebrate their special day. With a destination wedding, couples can create an unforgettable experience that their guests will remember for years to come.

But while there are many advantages to this type of wedding, there are also some challenges that come with planning a destination wedding. One of the key questions couples must consider is how many guests they should invite to their destination wedding.

The average number of guests for a destination wedding varies depending on the couple’s budget and the location of the wedding. Generally, destination weddings tend to be smaller than traditional weddings, with most having around 50-80 guests in attendance.

This is because of the added cost associated with travel and lodging for the event. Couples who have a larger budget may be able to accommodate more guests, but most destination weddings average around 50-80 people.

When deciding on how many guests to invite, couples should consider a few factors. First, they should determine who is absolutely essential for them to have at their wedding. This may include family members or close friends who are important to them, as well as any vendors who need to be present in order for the event to run smoothly.

Couples should also consider how much space they will have at their venue and how much it will cost per person if they exceed the maximum number of allowed attendees. Destination weddings can get expensive quickly if too many people are invited and couples need to be sure they don’t overspend on their guest list.


Overall, there is no set number for how many guests should attend a destination wedding. The average number usually ranges from 50-80 people depending on budget and venue size; however, it’s important that couples carefully consider who they invite and make sure they don’t exceed their budget when determining their guest list.