What Are the Best Places to Post Nursing Jobs?

By Robert Palmer

Finding the best places to post nursing jobs can be a challenge for employers. With the high demand for nurses, many employers are turning to online resources to help them fill positions quickly. Fortunately, there are numerous websites and job boards available that provide employers with an efficient way to post their open nursing jobs.

One of the most popular sites for posting nursing jobs is Indeed.com. This website offers employers the ability to post their job openings, allowing them to reach out to a large number of qualified candidates.

They can also search through resumes and profiles of prospective hires, saving valuable time in the recruitment process. Furthermore, Indeed allows employers to track applicants and monitor the progress of their recruitment efforts.

Another great resource for posting nursing jobs is LinkedIn. With this professional networking site, employers can easily create a profile and post job openings.

Through LinkedIn, they can also connect with qualified candidates and invite them to apply for specific positions they have open. It’s also an excellent way for employers to build relationships with potential future employees.

NurseRecruiter.com is another site where employers can find highly qualified nurses who are already in the workforce or recent graduates looking for employment opportunities. This website specializes in connecting candidates looking for nursing positions with potential employers who are actively recruiting.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) is another great resource for posting nursing jobs. This organization provides members with job listings across various specialty areas as well as career development resources and mentorship opportunities.


Overall, there are several excellent options available when it comes to finding the best places to post nursing jobs. Employers should consider using Indeed, LinkedIn, NurseRecruiter.com and the American Nurses Association as resources when recruiting new employees into their organizations.