What Cruise Ship Got Caught in the Storm?

By Anna Duncan

Early morning on August 28th, 2020 a cruise ship named “The Dream” got caught in a violent storm on the open sea. The ship had left the port of Barcelona ten days ago and was on its way to the Canary Islands when it got hit by one of the worst storms it had ever seen.

The passengers on board the ship were terrified as the wind whipped through their cabins and the waves rocked them back and forth. The crew did their best to keep everyone safe, but it was a struggle to keep the ship steady in such high winds and massive swells.

The captain of the ship had made sure that all passengers and crew knew what to do in case of an emergency, so everyone followed protocol and stayed as calm as possible while they waited out the storm. Unfortunately, not all ships are built to withstand such powerful forces and soon enough, The Dream began taking on water.

The crew acted quickly, getting everyone off the boat before it went down. Fortunately, all passengers were rescued by nearby vessels that had heard their distress call.

This is just one example of how unpredictable Mother Nature can be at sea; one moment everything can seem peaceful and calm, but in an instant you can find yourself facing something far more powerful than you ever imagined. It is important for seafarers to always stay aware of their surroundings and know what steps to take if an emergency arises.

What Cruise Ship Got Caught in the Storm? The Dream was a cruise ship that got caught in a violent storm while sailing from Barcelona to Canary Islands on August 28th 2020.

All passengers were thankfully rescued by nearby vessels after their distress call was heard by them. This incident serves as a reminder of how unpredictable nature can be while sailing on open seas and how important it is for seafarers to stay alert at all times.