What Cruise Ship Is Being Seized?

By Alice Nichols

A cruise ship is being seized and held in the Bahamas due to a $2 million debt incurred by the ship’s former owners. The vessel, called the “Island Escape” was purchased by a new company and taken to the Bahamas for repairs, but the new owners have failed to pay their debts to the shipyard that did the work. As a result, a court in Nassau has ordered that the ship be seized until payment is made.

The Island Escape is a mid-sized cruise ship, measuring 260 metres in length and accommodating up to 1,800 passengers. It was built in 1992 and originally operated under the P&O Cruises brand, then later moved to Thomson Cruises before being bought by its current owners in 2017.

The court order requires the new owners of the Island Escape to pay all outstanding debts before they can take possession of the vessel. Until then, it will remain held at Freeport Harbour under guard. This means that any planned cruises have been cancelled until further notice.

The Island Escape has been popular with passengers due to its many amenities, such as its large pool deck and gymnasium, as well as its diverse range of cuisine options and entertainment venues. Unfortunately for those hoping to book a cruise on this vessel anytime soon, they may have to look elsewhere until this dispute is resolved.

The case highlights just how important it is for businesses and individuals alike to ensure that all debts are paid on time and that contractual obligations are met. Otherwise, costly legal proceedings can ensue which can drag on for months or even years before coming to an amicable resolution.

In summary, the Island Escape cruise ship is currently being held in Nassau due to an unpaid debt of $2 million owed by its former owners. Until this dispute has been resolved and all debts paid off, it cannot be put back into service for any scheduled cruises.What Cruise Ship Is Being Seized? The Island Escape cruise ship is being seized by a court order in Nassau due to an unpaid debt of $2 million owed by its former owners.