What Do Couples Pay for on Destination Wedding?

By Robert Palmer

Couples getting married in a destination wedding have the unique opportunity to create a special celebration that is tailored to their individual needs and wants. However, with that privilege comes the responsibility of paying for it. There are many factors couples must consider when planning a destination wedding, but most involve a significant financial commitment.

Location: The location is the foundation of any destination wedding and will take up the majority of the couple’s budget. This includes choosing venues, such as beachfront resorts or luxurious villas, and then paying for accommodations, food and beverage services, décor, and rentals.

Travel Expenses: Couples must also factor in their own travel expenses as well as those of their guests. This includes airfare for everyone attending the wedding, transportation to and from the airport, ground transportation for sightseeing or other activities during their stay, and any additional activities they plan on doing while in town.

Wedding Attire: In addition to paying for all of the traditional elements of a wedding such as flowers, cake and music, destination weddings require bridal attire that is appropriate for the location. This could include special shoes or accessories that are not typically found in regular stores.

Catering: Depending on where they choose to get married, couples may have to pay extra for catering services. Some locations might not have any nearby restaurants or caterers so they may need to bring in outside vendors.

Photography/Videography: Couples can also expect to pay extra for photography and videography services at their destination wedding. Photographers must be familiar with local backdrops and lighting conditions so they can capture all of your special memories.

Entertainment: Entertainment is another important part of any wedding experience. This may include live bands or DJs who are familiar with local music styles as well as activities like fire dancers or fireworks displays if allowed by local laws.

Destination weddings require couples to pay for many different elements in order to make it an unforgettable experience. From location costs to travel expenses to attire and entertainment options – couples should always factor these things into their budget when planning a destination wedding.