What Do Pineapples on Cruise Ship Doors Mean?

By Alice Nichols

Cruise ships are known for their luxurious amenities and fun-filled experiences. One of the most iconic symbols of a cruise is the pineapple, which is often seen on doors and other areas of the ship. But what does it mean?

The History of Pineapples on Cruise Ships

The pineapple has a long history as a symbol of hospitality and welcome. In colonial America, pineapples were seen as a sign of prosperity and wealth, so when someone was invited into another person’s home, they would often be offered a pineapple as a symbol of hospitality. This tradition eventually spread to Europe and then to cruise ships, where pineapples became a symbol for the welcoming atmosphere found on board.

Pineapple Symbolism Today

Today, pineapples are still seen on cruise ships as a sign of welcome and hospitality.

When you see one on the door to your cabin or in other areas throughout the ship, it’s meant to let you know that you are welcome aboard and your experience will be top-notch. Cruise staff also appreciate seeing this symbol as it reminds them that their job is to make sure every guest has an unforgettable experience.

Other Symbols You Might See

In addition to pineapples, there are other symbols you might see around cruise ships that have special meanings. For example, anchors symbolize stability and strength while stars represent guidance and hope. Dolphins are often used as symbols of friendship while palm trees represent exotic tropical destinations.


Pineapples have long been associated with hospitality and welcome, so when you see them on board a cruise ship it’s meant to let you know that everyone onboard wants you to have an amazing experience. Other symbols throughout the ship also have special meanings which further emphasize the warm atmosphere that all guests can enjoy while cruising.