What Does a Pineapple Magnet on a Cruise Ship Door Mean?

By Michael Ferguson

A pineapple magnet on a cruise ship door is a symbol of hospitality and welcome. It was originally used by Caribbean innkeepers to signify that their establishment was open for business, and has since become a universal sign of hospitality to travelers. The pineapples were often placed on the doors of inns, hostels, and hotels to let guests know that they were welcome.

The pineapple symbol is believed to have originated in Hawaii during the 18th century when Hawaiian royalty would give visiting dignitaries a pineapple as a symbol of hospitality. The gesture would signify that they were welcomed with open arms and offered food and shelter.

Today, the pineapple has become a popular symbol for travel and hospitality around the world. Cruise ships are no exception; many ships feature the iconic pineapple motif on their cabin doors as a way to show guests that they can expect an unforgettable experience aboard the vessel.

The pineapple magnet on the door of your cruise ship cabin is more than just decorative; it’s also symbolic of the hospitality you will receive from your hosts during your voyage. Whether it’s an attentive crew member always at your beck and call or a delicious meal prepared with care – you can be sure that you will be treated with kindness and respect throughout your journey.


A pineapple magnet on a cruise ship door is a universal symbol of hospitality, welcoming guests aboard with open arms. It is believed to have originated in Hawaii centuries ago as an offering of warmth and kindness from Hawaiian royalty to visiting dignitaries. Today, cruise ships are joining in on this symbolic gesture, using the iconic pineapple motif as an invitation for guests to enjoy an unforgettable experience while aboard their vessel.