What Do You Wear on a Tall Ship Cruise?

By Alice Nichols

If you are planning a cruise on a tall ship, you’ll want to make sure that you dress appropriately. Tall ships typically provide an exciting and unique sailing experience and having the right clothing can help make your sailing adventure even more enjoyable.

The first thing to consider when picking out clothes for your tall ship cruise is the weather. Many tall ships sail during the summer months, so it’s important to wear light and comfortable clothing.

Linen, cotton, and lightweight fabrics are great choices to keep cool in hot weather. If you will be sailing during colder months, layering your clothing is a great way to stay warm while still looking stylish.

Since many tall ships require passengers to help with the sailing duties, it’s important that you wear clothes that are comfortable enough for physical activity. Jeans or khakis are great choices for bottoms as they provide coverage while still allowing you to move freely. A t-shirt or polo shirt is ideal for the top layer of clothing as it won’t restrict movement and keep you cool in hot weather.

When it comes to shoes, sneakers or closed-toed shoes are best as they provide good traction on deck and also offer protection from objects that may be lying around.

Safety Gear

In addition to regular clothes for everyday activities on board the ship, it’s also important that passengers wear safety gear when participating in any activities such as climbing the mast or helping with navigation duties. This includes items such as life jackets, hard hats, gloves, and appropriate footwear.


While most of your wardrobe should be focused on practicality and comfort when sailing on a tall ship, there are still plenty of opportunities to accessorize your look! Sunglasses, hats, jewelry and scarves can all be used to add a bit of color and style to your outfit while still being functional.

To sum up, dressing appropriately for a tall ship cruise involves selecting clothes that are comfortable enough for physical activities while still keeping in mind the weather conditions of your destination. Safety gear should also be worn when necessary. With these tips in mind, you can enjoy an amazing sailing experience without sacrificing style!