What Happened to the Cruise Ship Norway?

By Anna Duncan

The Cruise Ship Norway was once the largest cruise ship in the world, built in 1980 by the Norwegian Caribbean Line. It was a luxurious vessel that traveled to exotic locations around the world, including the Caribbean, Mediterranean and South Pacific.

For many years, it was one of the most popular cruise ships in operation.

In 1999, however, disaster struck. While on a voyage from Miami to Los Angeles, an onboard fire broke out and quickly spread throughout the ship.

Hundreds of passengers were forced to evacuate while firefighters battled the blaze for hours. In the end, eight people lost their lives and over 200 were injured. The massive fire caused extensive damage to the ship and it had to be towed back to port for repairs.

After extensive renovations, including a complete overhaul of its interior design, the cruise ship Norway was ready to set sail again in 2003. However, its luck did not last long as it went through several ownership changes and financial difficulties over the next few years. Finally, in 2009 it was sold for scrap and towed away from Miami’s port.

The Cruise Ship Norway is no more than a memory now, but its legacy lives on as one of the most iconic cruise ships of all time. From its luxurious amenities and elegant décor to its tragic end at sea, it is a reminder that we must always take safety precautions seriously when traveling by boat or any other means.


What happened to The Cruise Ship Norway? In 1999 it suffered a devastating onboard fire which resulted in 8 deaths and hundreds injured while being towed back to port for repair work. After extensive renovations it set sail again in 2003 but experienced several ownership changes and financial difficulties before finally being sold for scrap in 2009.