What Happened to the Woman That Fell Off the Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

On the morning of May 13th, a woman fell off the side of a Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship as it was sailing near the Canary Islands. The woman was identified as Kay Longstaff from the United Kingdom, and she is believed to have gone overboard sometime before 6am. The ship had already been on its way for about an hour at that time.

The Norwegian Cruise Line quickly alerted authorities of the incident, and a search and rescue mission ensued. The Canary Islands Police, Maritime Rescue and Spanish Navy were all involved in looking for her. After almost 10 hours of searching, they were able to find Longstaff floating in the water around 2pm.

Longstaff reported that she had fallen off the ship’s deck while attempting to take a selfie. She also said that she had been in the water for almost 10 hours, but managed to survive because she had learned how to do yoga breathing exercises while she was swimming. She was then taken to a hospital in Las Palmas where she was treated for hypothermia.


Kay Longstaff survived a fall off a cruise ship and an almost 10-hour swim by using yoga breathing exercises. Thanks to the quick response from authorities and her own efforts, Longstaff was able to survive this harrowing experience.