What Is a Split Bath on a Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

A split bath on a cruise ship is a unique and luxurious way to enjoy your time on the open seas. It provides passengers with a separate shower and bath area, allowing them to enjoy the comforts of home while also taking in the beauty of the ocean. Split baths offer many advantages over traditional bathrooms, including more space, better privacy, and extra amenities.

Having a split bath on a cruise ship can be highly beneficial for those who like to travel in style. These bathrooms are typically much larger than traditional bathrooms and offer more privacy.

This can be especially helpful for couples or families traveling together who want some extra space for their own personal needs. In addition to providing more privacy, these bathrooms also offer several amenities that can help make your cruise experience even more enjoyable.

One of the main benefits of having a split bath on a cruise ship is that it offers far more space than traditional bathrooms. As such, passengers can enjoy larger showers and deeper bathtubs that they would not be able to fit into smaller spaces.

This extra room makes bathing and showering much easier and more comfortable than if it were done in a smaller bathroom. In addition, these bathrooms often come with multiple fixtures such as Jacuzzis, steam showers, saunas, and even outdoor hot tubs for those looking for an extra level of relaxation during their voyage.

Split baths also provide passengers with higher levels of luxury than normal bathrooms do. Many of these features come with extravagant fixtures such as glass walls between showers and baths, marble countertops and floors, luxurious faucets and showerheads, as well as high-end lighting systems to create an even greater atmosphere of relaxation during your stay at sea.

Finally, having a split bath on board also allows passengers to save money since they will not have to pay additional charges for two separate rooms or cabins in order to accommodate everyone’s needs. Instead, everyone can use the same bathroom without compromising comfort or space.


Split baths on cruise ships provide passengers with added comfort, convenience, luxury and cost savings all at once! They are perfect for those who want extra room during their voyage as well as those who don’t want to pay extra charges for multiple cabins or rooms just so everyone can enjoy their own bathroom amenities. With split baths available on board many ships today, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing them when booking their next vacation at sea!